12 gauge shotgun needed?

Ok, I have been looking for a 12 gauge shotgun for a while. I new Wal-Mart had a mossberg 12 gauge pump action for $160, so i have been saving for it. just recently they got new supply of mossberg Maverick 88's I'm not sure if its the same gun i saw 3 weeks ago, but its the same price so... I'm looking for a shotgun for protection and target practice, not hunting so much. the maverick is a great gun but has a 28" long barrel! I was looking for something shorter like 18-20" for around the same price and more or less the same gun. also I like the synthetic stock and the blued metal (the whole gun is the same color) but this is not a must. Does anyone have any suggestions on a cheap reliable 12 gauge shotgun? I've tried gunbroker.com but either the cheaper ones are 20 gauges or the price I'm looking for are for the tactical/assault kind of shotgun. Thanks


Do you like to go fisihing and/or hunting?

The Mossberg Maverick is probably the same gun you saw a few weeks ago. It would be ok for home protection, and maybe even target practice. I have one, but I only use it for hunting turkeys, so it doesn't get fired all that much. If you are going to shoot it, alot, I would go for a better gun.

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New england Firearms are now making a 12ga that is basically a rem 870, so its made really good and probally better then a mossberg, Their running $189 and habe a 18 1/2" brl. Ask your local gun dealer for details.

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I just use an old military issue 12 ga. flare gun for home defense. Not sure of the "legality" of it (hey, I bought a "flare gun" after all), but it was cheap and it works just fine.

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Mossburg offers a slug barrel for their 12 gauge I believe. It's a 20 in. barrel and I believe you can get in smooth bore. I haveshot #4 shot down a rifled barrel before and it did well too,sort of. The pattern was a lot wider from the shot wad encased pellets. Remington also offers a combo set up with 2 barrels .You can easily add an extension tube to both that will allow you to hold a total of 7 or 8 shells

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I'd go with the 28" barrel if I were you. It'll protect you just as well at close range as the 18-22" variety, and you'll be able to hunt with it if you ever want to. The shorter barrels won't be nearly as accurate at the ranges of your typical hunting shots. The fact that it's even money is just all the more reason to go with the longer barrel. It's more versatile.

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Honestly, look for something used. Go to a local gun show or out-door shop and you are going to get a much better gun than what you are thinking of getting with the walmart special for probably the same money. When your buying guns, buy value, not price.

There is probably nothing wrong with a used shotgun. If it's kept clean, they will last for ever. I still occasionally hunt with a 12 ga. my grandpa gave me 30 years ago!

Used is the way to go for what you are saying you need, dealers will have it clean and in good working order, if it wasn't solid, they wouldn't have bought it or accepted it for trade.

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I have a Maverick 88 20" Security model its a great gun and very light. I run around the checking my property with it. Its made by Mossberg, and all the accessories for the Mossberg 500 fit it. The physical difference outside is the safety. while the maverick has the traditional safety button on the trigger guard, the mossberg has it on top the rear of the receiver. I haven't opened it to check inside.

Check this out


The six shooter is shorter 18 1/2" barrel. You can order it.

Then if you want to dress it up for tactical use.

go to


and check out the lights, but then again, the light costs more than your gun. :-)

hope this helps.


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Take a look at the remington 870 express and buy one used. They are everywhere and cheap and imho much better gun than the mossberg. I have two that are like new that I paid under 150$.

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