About my shotgun?

Question:can i shoot slugs out of my 12ga with a full choke with out messin something up
and please give me a good answer and jayma please dont answer


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You wouldn't want to shoot slugs out a full choke, but you don't need a slug barrel to shoot slugs. Imp Cyl. works just fine.

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NO!! You'll eventually blow out the choke! You need to remove ANY obstruction to the bore!

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No,either remove the choke or open it all the way(some chokes aren't removable) Take a gun safety course.

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It is not advised. Look into purchasing a slug barrel for it. They have a very slow twist unlike the smoothbore barrel of your shotgun and if you shoot Sabat slugs they are as accurate as a rifle. Check the below site:


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You absolutely need a slug barrel. They arent that expensive.

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You can shoot the cheap rifled hollow based slugs thru any choke as they will swage down to fit. However,doing this will tend to lead the barrel more than an open choke.

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i would reccomend removing the choke if you are going to be shooting slugs. I would also reccomend purchasing a "slug" or "rifled" barrel to increase accuracy. Be sure to match the slugs to the type of barrel that you purchase.

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No and I wouldn,t shoot the gun without the choke either ... may ruin threads . best if you can buy a slug barrel for it .

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Don't do it...that would not be recommended what so ever, buy a second barrel..like a slug barrel, deer barrel, etc. You can find them at your local gun store, gun show or eBay. Good luck.

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