About the AK-47 if i buy the AK-47 on a website and find an FFL dealer how long can i have the AK in my hands

Question:and please dont write anything that doesnt make sence and it would be more helpfull if a person that entered any info. bought an AK-47 from a website or knows what their talking about. PLEASE


Where can I find?

about 3 to 4 days form j&g sales.

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It depends on how quickly the seller ships, and whether or not there is a waiting period in your state.

The AK-47 being a rifle, you likely won't have to wait for it once your local FFL processes your paperwork. So if you pay the seller for overnight shipping, I'd say two business days is possible.

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The first answer is correct, but depends on the laws of the state you live in. Some states classify the AK as a long gun, and some as an assault rifle. If your state considers it a long gun, your FFL could have the paperwork done anywhere between 15 minutes to a couple hours. If your state considers it an assault rifle, the permitting could take longer. Any local sherriff's office can give you the info on your states laws, or perhaps another user will post a link for you.

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Guns are shipped overnight as they cannot be shipped any slower. The sender can take as long as they want to get it out however. Be very careful when ordering a gun as the price can sometimes be highly inflated by the FFL dealer. They can add whatever they choose as their "processing fee". It's generally 30 to 40 dollars. An Ak-47 can easily be purchased for $350, so if you're paying more than $300 on the web site, you're more than likely better off going to your local gun dealer for the weapon. Even if they don't have one in stock, they can order one at wholesale and sell it to you at retail, and you may come out with a little extra money for yourself.

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Shotgun News publishes a list of FFL dealers who will order guns for a fixed percentage over cost (between 10% and 15% usually) plus shipping. You can pick up a Shotgun News at most news stands and the Dealer list I believe is avalible over the internet. Shotgun News is a Catalog-like publication that has advertizements from Gun Wholsalers. You can look in there and find new-U.S.-reciever Romanian AK's for around 300$-325$ list.
When you buy a gun from a Wholsaler, you have the option of returning it if it is a turd. Internet dealers can be a fly-by-night operation and you never will know until it's too late. You could wind up with a gun that isn't compliant with the 922R BATF ruling, or an improperly constructed home-assembled AK that won't function reliably and which cannot be returned. As far as shipping and waiting periods, the above answers are applicable.

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