Need to pee while swimming in private pool?

in the summer i like to swim in my pool alot and usually i usually have my girlfriends over too. we know not to pee in the pool unless we have no other option. is it ok for us to get out and pee in the yard in view of each other? or is the bushes a better spot? or do we just have to dry off and go inside, which takes too much work we feel?


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If your all girls it dosnt really matter, we're all human and when u gotta go, u gotta go!
Bushes are probably better so u got a bit of privacy and so u are peeing into dirt and not just all over the ground! As long as u are all friends it dosnt really matter that much if someone see's u, they shouldnt really be looking anyway!

I wouldnt recommend peeing in the pool though, its pretty gross. Its prob better to go into the bushes if u cant be bothered going inside in case neighbours are having a look at u or any peeping toms! It is a pain in the butt to get dry and go in to go to the loo, but really it just depends on how comfortable u are with your friends and how comfortable u feel about peeing in a bush!

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woah.. that's nasty to pee in front of each other. bushes are good, if you don't mind the stink in your yard. peeing in the pool is not that bad as long as there is chemical agents in the pool to disinfect.

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"We don't swim in your toilet, don't pee in our pool", this sign was hanging over my best friends pool when we were kids.

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do you have a hang up about peeing, with all your questions

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Here's my sign :

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Just get out of the pool and pee.

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pie is good

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i`m never coming over there yuk!

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