A question about fishing, is it better to fish with the sun in front of you or behind you?


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Your shadow will spook the fish so you want the sun in front or preferrably on one side or the other ,

If its in your face its hard to see,

If its behind you you can see in the water better and spot swiming and spawning fish, but you really have to watch your shadow because it will spook the fish

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behind so you can see. ideally no sun.

Which one??

It depends on which way the winds blowing as the food blows down to one end. The sun makes no difference

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Yes your right, ya' don't want your shadow showin' on water! Why because they'll see it and that = no fish...

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That really has nothing to do with it at all especially if you are trolling. That might be true in a case where you are fishing in very shallow water with no weeds. If you are fishing close to the weeds, your shadow will not matter at all. What are you usually fishing for? Pike is great eating and to me is way tastier than bass or walleye. I have a great simple recipe for Pike if you want it.

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Some added points here are that your movement and water clairity will have effect on the fish also with your shadow!
If you can see the fish they already saw you and for fish danger comes from below and above!In very clear water sight and movement play havoc to the fisherman so move slow try to keep shadow from casting and keep a low profile!

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Your shadow only matters if it's reaching to near where the fish are. If the sun is behind you and your shadow extends six feet in front of you, but you're casting 40 feet off into the lake, it makes no difference.

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the fish dont care about your shadow and may even be atracted to it. I whould sit with my back to the sun so i could see beter!

your shadow would be on the oposite side of you from the the sun

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that never made a difference for me. but i never fish straight out. i always fish out to the side at an angle. hence, angler.

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For me, fishing doesn't really equate with catching, so as far as the sun's concerned, I like to try to get an even tan. Spend half the time with the sun in front, half the time with it in back. and half the time on the left and another half the time on the right. .... hm... four halves.... well, OK.. then I just have to fish twice as long!

Most of my "catching" happens under the lights on a pier.

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