30/30 iron sights, Yards for each notch?

The iron sights on my 30/30. what are the distances in yards from the front of the sight to the back. What is the best distance for shooting in medium bush?


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50-75 yards, I prefer small bush.

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I'm not sure I completely understand what you are asking about the sight on the rifle.

Any estimation as to what range (in yards) the rifle is 'set' at is purely made as a reference. You can't shoot in the field based on that..you need practice.

You need to shoot the rifle.WITH THE SAME AMMO YOU PLAN ON USING...on a practice range with a paper target.

Start at 50 yards and a bench rest. Shoot a few rounds then adjust the sight up or down to hit center.

Move the target to 100 yards. Do the same. Then 200, etc. That will give you some indication as to the range of the rifle AND ammo. Change the ammo and all that gets erased because differennt ammo will fly differently.

If I'm understanding what you are asking correctly, I'm thinking you have not shot the rifle enough. No equipment, be it scope or sight, can substitute for shooting practice. Practice often and you will know the rifle without thinking about it.

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