***skateboarders only***?

Question:besides a skate-park,
where do you skateboard at?


Is it possible to take the gunpowder out of a bullet that says: R.P. 38 SPL? Im pretty sure its from a pistol.

ok listen dude the WORLD is your skatepark dont anyone tell you that you suck ok because even is you cant ollie wait let me introduce myself i am bob burnquist but i changed my name so no one would be all over me because all the fans and all but hey if you really want to skate ill give you two tics to the boom boom huck jam at vans skatepark at in orlando florida there you will have lots of room meet some freinds and just chill the best spot to skate i say.

What kind of game fish do New Zealand lakes and streams hold.?


Does anyone know how much a Browning !0 ga., "Invector" shotgun is worth?

Any random place with concrete.

Dodgy fishing venues?

what bender said.

Is there a wrong way of cleaning catfish?

If you have a set of 70 mm kryptonic wheels and some Bones swiss ceramic bearings (the best) like me I just cruise along the beachfront. Not those clattery little rampriding wheels though. Ive just got back, its a beautiful day in sunny Cape Town

Looking to find some new areas to duck/goose hunting in wisconsin?

supermarkets, malls, any shopping center is pretty good and schools.

I was wondering what the next pistol in the Glock line up was going to be?


Were the " M.E.B.S. kicked around the Ring " at the "L.A.D.S. " outing ?

i love skating at my local banks even though they kicked my and my friends out once, they were gonna call the cops on us, so we left. LOL

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