***skateboarders only***?

you were skating and you fell and one individual or a group of people started laughing what would you do or say to comeback on them without violence or profanity


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sarcastically laugh with them and then show them whatcha got. for me, that's not much. lol but hey i have fun out there on my board. doin my thing. don't worry about what they think. i don't know how much experience you have as a skateboarder but it's gotta be more than me lol. i've only got two months' worth and i recently had reconstructive surgery on my left foot (the right foot is next...*sighs* and no not cuz of a skateboarding injury. if it was i'd be proud lol) so i'm anxious to get back out there. somehow though, my boyfriend has his heart set on teaching me. which i adore, but there ain't much teaching going on if you know what i mean lol. nah man just take it cooly and prove it to them that in order to get to the top, you gotta have a few take outs. it happens to the best of us! did tony hawk, shaun white, or ryan sheckler make it where they are without so much as a scratch?! no way. if that group of people are always boarding or hanging out in that particular area then i would get lots lots lots of practice somewhere else to surprise them and show them up just outta nowhere. they'll be like "whoa was that the same dude that _____?" ya know? but that's just me lol i wish you the best!

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If I was you I'd look at up at them and say: "HEY!! Shutup, I bet you can't do this!!" Then do a 3-Flip and roll away.

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haha, justin b is right thats what i would do, cept do it switch. lol a switch tre

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can your mum do this?

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