Air Rifle What is some of the best?

What Air Rifle is very good for a low price around or under $100? Please explain your reasons for getting the gun and why it may be better than others. I was currently thinking of a bb/pellet gun but I would probably be to lazy to pump it all them times to get a good shot. I want a nice 1 action rifle that is cheap and is good.


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The least expensive, high quality, spring piston, air rifle that I know of is the RWS Model 34...Very-very well made, accurate, 1000fps, LIFETIME warranty, Dynamite Nobel RWS has been making precision air guns longer than dirt has been around(well almost)..

The famous RWS M34 is now available with a synthetic stock, price $160, the original "package" RWS M34 + RWS 4x32 scope runs around $215

There is one available now on for $160 - he's asking for $20 shipping which is a little high, he should be able to ship an air rifle for $12-$15 easily...There are several other M34's up for sale including one for $200>NIB wood stock, RWS 4x32 scope & rings, an RWS starter kit and a pellet trap and he's only asking $15 shipping. You might search air gun section too.

The prices on GA and GB usually beat the online air gun stores, but they are still a good place to check out air guns...

the best air gun info

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"very good" and "under $100" don't belong in the same sentence. If you're wanting like a break-barrel (since you don't want a pump -up, a la Sheridan or Benjamin), check out ones like Gamo or RWS-Diana air rifles. I think they start around $150.

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You're not going to find a "very good air rifle" for under 100.00.
You can find a o.k. gun in my opinion, for under a 100.00,
but like all things in life, you get what you pay for.
Here are several options for you to look at, but remember,
don't expect to get the performance out of these rifles that the
much higher end guns have.
Since you're to lazy to pump, this is a good option, Co2.
This isn't a bad rifle, in fact it's pretty good, very accurate if you
use the right pellet. One thing rookies don't understand is that
just because it's a pellet gun, not all pellet gun shoots any particular pellet very well, to get good accuracy, you have to try diffrent pellets to find out which one shoots best for a particular gun.
Same rifle, just a diffrent stock.
These are break barrels, which means you crank the barrel down
to load pellet and to * it. No pumping.
These are just some of your options, I don't know if you want .177 or .22 calibers but it's a start.

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Benjamin are the most powerful pump ones,you only need about 10 pumps

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