Air soft Grenade? explosives?

does anybody know how to make an airsoft gernade with common items (stuff u can get at walmart etc.) and without any explosives?


I am looking for a valuation on the j.w young ambidex no1 casting reel?

I've been wondering this myself, So far I've tried vinegar and baking soda grenades. It worked pretty well but the only problem is that it takes a few minutes to mix and mess with so it will explode. All you have to do is take a water bottle and fill it halfway with vineger. Then put anywhere from 50-250 bb's in it. Pour a generous amout of baking soda on a kleenex, then roll the kleenex into a tube, making sure that you tape off/fold one end so the baking soda doesn't come out. Lastly cut off the excess kleenex, drop it in the bottle, and screw on the cap. Shake it up until the bottle feels hard, then either throw it at the ground, or up in the air. Just make sure the surface its going to hit is flat and hard. Hope that helps.

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