A question about climbing calls when placing protection?

i noticed certain groups of people shouting to each other every time they place protection on a climb(runner on replyed by o.k)does this this not add confusion as once the climber leaves the ground, the next thing you hear should be hold,tight line or safe,why the need to know everytime a runner is placed


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I have seen and heard this many times too. There are advantages in it sometimes.

a. If the leader has just set off from the ground and is placing their first runner, then telling the second 'runner on' may help focus their attention to start belaying more attentively. Yes, they should be watching anyway or even spotting the leader as they make the first moves, but there are 2nds who get distracted.

b. Multi Pitch routes. Leader sets off from stance how ever many pitches up a route, Until they place their first runner, the leader would fall past the 2nd and the 2nd would need to lock off beneath them and brace for a downward pull. Once a runner is in, the leader will stop before the stance, creating an upward pull, so the belayer/2nd would lock off downwards.

Beyond this i can think of no advantage. The 2nd should be watching and aware of what is happening anyway. Extra or un-needed chatting can create confusion for a climbing pair and others around them.

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Hhhmmmm I've never heard of this and I would agree with you in the sense that it could potentially add confusion to the situation. But I suppose if two people are happy with each others climbing ability and climbing calls then good luck to 'em!

Personally I don't ever shout "tight line", I use "climbing", "off belay" and "safe" and that's pretty much it...

Each to their own I guess.


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