Crawdads versus Crawfish?

What's the difference?


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In Missouri caves they are called Crayfish.
Bristly Cave Crayfish ( Cambarus setosus )
Salem Cave Crayfish ( Cambarus hubrichti )
Caney Mountain Cave Crayfish ( Orconectes atygocaneyi )
Spotheaded Crayfish ( Orconectes punctimanus )
That's biologist for you. If you were to ask anyone else . That would be a crawdad. Enjoyed your question
Happy Caving Carroll

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there the same just different parts of the country use different names

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They are the same thing. In the South, they are called crawfish, whereas in the rest of the country they are called Crawdads. They are good eating too, especially with melted butter.

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In Texas we call them "Mud Bugs" but they are all the same critter.

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Yup it's definitely a regional thing. Good ol' boys from the south call them crawdads, some places call them crawfish or mud bugs, and here in the north we call them crayfish. They're all the same thing.

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It's a regional thing, but those of us in Cajun country have an industry built around them. Crawfish farmers build ponds, stock them, plant rice for food, set out traps and run them. There are distributors, pickers, restaurants . . . lots of folks making a living from them. Ours are just wonderful! More expensive than those caught from a ditch, but so worth it.

We picked up 2 orders of boiled crawfish for supper last night. A real treat.

What fish have gizzards?

None, crawdad is just slang for crawfish.

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no difference they are also called mud bugs

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