About how much does it cost for .22 cal rounds?

at a local store like wal-mart or a gu store. No online sites


What is this worth winn 30-30classic model 94 octagon barrel?

$15.00 for 550 at walmart thats Federal shellls

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Well for 50 shouldn't be over a couple dollars however you can look at basspro.com or cabelas.com and price them there and if your not to far from one of their store you could go in and make a purchase in person.

Hi looking for a place to look up gun serial number to find out when it was made ?

depends on what 22 caliber. 22lr are about 1.50 or 2.00 for a box of 50 22wmr or 22mag are around 9 dollars a box of 50

How to fix a jammed air soft gun?

Large sporting goods stores and Wal-Marts usually have the 500 round "bricks" for $18..often less.

Do bug sprays expire or I just have a poor one?

Usually you can get a brick of .22 lr rounds (500-550 rounds) for about $10-$12.

Or you can buy a small box of 50 rounds for about $1

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