What fuel works best in a MSR whisperlitre internationale stove (besides the MSR superfuel)?

I bought the stove about a week ago and have noticed that some fuels are better than others, anyone have any suggestions of what they may have found works best?


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The Whisperlite Internationale will run on white gas or unleaded gasoline using the factory installed fuel jet, or on kerosene or diesel fuel with the included alternate jet. MSR warns Unleaded gasoline will shorten the life of you stove, probably because it burns too hot, while kerosene or diesel will cause excessive soot build up which will require more regular cleaning. MSR Superfuel is white gas that has been put through an additional filtering process to reduce impurities.

A Whisperlite Internationale (without the fancy new shaker jet) was my first and only stove for 15 years and I never used anything but Wal-Mart or Coleman white gas and never had any problems with it, once I learned to light it correctly and to blow it out after shutting off the fuel pump to reduce soot, rather than just letting it go out by itself after burning yellow for a minute or two.

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white gas works the best, and it is cheap.

all gas will clog up your stove @ some point, so be sure to regularly clean your fuel line. also, whatever fuel you use, if it is kept in the canister for too long it will develop a residue. be sure to despose of it after about 2 weeks if it is not in use, but sitting inside the canister. happy camping

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