A fishing whyzit?

Question:Why is it when people say they are going fishing in Alaska and ask for suggestions they don't say where they are fishing?

It would help to know if you are going to be fishing in the saltwater, or in a river, or at a lake. Each place requires different gear. How can we help you with so little information?


Rounders or football?

Some people know how to fish... some people want to know how to fish and some have no idea at all.lol. On alot of questions on here BASS Fisherman and myself will overload people with information because they don't ask for specifics. Some people don't understand the difference between being a good fisherman and being lucky. I'd rather be good than lucky.

Walther, or Glock? and why?

Uhm. and how is answering this helping you? I have no plans in that direction.

Bow and arrow question?

I will keep that in mind for the next time I ask a question about Alaskan fishing, thank you.

In which townland is lough adorn,co.leitrim in or near?

Maybe they are looking for advice and just didn't want to ask.

Ithaca 20 gauge pump model 37 featherlight?

That a question or are you just griping? Either way, get over it.

Looking for a book called Speer on ammunition?

Yup, I feel you. I don't even bother wasting my time with these peoples questions anymore. See, it comes down to ignorance, people just don't know any better. They are the people that cast out into the middle of the lake, and get 1 bite all day, and miss it because they had set their pole down against a forked stick, and was starring up into the sky. Those people bother me the most, but if it wasn't for goobers like them, I wouldn't be as good as I am today. They help pay for the places we all fish, even though they are complete morons, and couldn't catch a fish if their life depended on it, for them, it is all luck, and no skills whatsoever. Thanks, I feel better now.

How much does a moose weight?

Probably the same reason I was so anxious to go fishing 30 miles away to my favorite pond. I packed a lunch and had chips and two extra packs of smokes in my lunch box and when I got there I forgot my cigarettes & lunch.
I cried./
I was sifitng through the ash tray and those little stubbys saved me.

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