Why do people love football than any other games.?


I need help from hunters!?

1. I think football is easier game than other games and you dont need tools all u need a ball. you can play nearly everywhere dont need a saloon special items. in the other games for example ice hockey u need ice, stick etc.
2. its not so complicated. everyone can understand whats going on there
3. both playing and watching is joyfull.

How long does it generally take for a hand grenade (the kind with a pin) to explode?

I do not know that that is true. I love football but also tennis, baseball and basketball.

When does bass season end in MI?

because they play with balls. though i prefer hand ball

How Can I get a job as a professional hunter or get my own hunting show?

Football is better than sex :P

Can I buy a hangun? US Citizen living outside US?

cos they are weird its crap

Wanted automatic self-focusing binoculars Costco stocked them around 1995 to around 2000?

cos of the sheer magic that it creates

Who makes searsmodel45.30-30cal.lever action rifle.?

football is boring

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