Need to replace wheels on inline skates, does it matter which make?

I have some Salomon inline skates, and need replacement wheels of 80mm 81A. Should I buy Salomon wheels or will any brand do?


Guess how many yards I once punted a corn cob?

any brand will fit as long as they are the same size. there is a difference in wheel materials and hardness however. Harder wheels will let you go faster but offer less grip for poorer handling. you have to decide what you want more.

How often should shotgun shells be replace for a loaded home defensive weapon?


Does colored grip tape act any different than regular black grip tape?

Just don't get retreads. Not worth the hassle in the long run.

Hunting suit ?

salomon are good but just ask what the store has some are better than others and depending on what you are willing to pay will depend on what u get.

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