.50 Muzzleloader VS Shotgun?

Question:In my state Ohio, you cant use rifles. So I was wondering what some advantages a muzzleloader had over a shotgun. When I looked at the trajectory (how far the bullet drops) I was disappointed. It was about the same as a shotgun. Is this right or am I reading it wrong?

P.S. I know it depends on what type of bullets you buy, but it dosnt make that much of a difference


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muzzle loaders have their place, but its an unfair comparrison. 12 ga. pump with a rifled barrel all the way.

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You never said if the muzzleloader was rifled barrel or smoothbore.If it is rifled get sabots and shoot .45 cal minnies. It is pretty accurate, increased range and speed.

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i'm a shotgun hunter, not a muzzleloader, so I can only speak to the advantages of shotguns... good ballistics for shots out to 100yds. practice. 2nd, you can have multiple shots/follow up shots with a shotgun. the muzzleloader, you'll be reloading as the deer bounds away.

the muzzle loader advantage... you might be able to hunt an extra week, or special season that is not open to modern gun.

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I am also a hunter from Ohio, I have a TC Black Diamond in .50 cal, and a Mossberg 500 pump with a rifled barrel. I use both of them depending on what type of hunting i am going to be doing and what i expect the deer to be doing. If i am hunting on private lands where I don't expect deer to be running a lot, or hunting in areas that are more open, such as fields, i will use my muzzleloader. It is more accurate and i have a longer range than my shotgun. But i also use my shotgun in many instances, such as when i will be hunting in thick cover and may need multiple shots, also if i am hunting on public lands i will use my shotgun since the deer are more likely to be moving faster if they are being pushed. Most people that use shotguns say they use them for the follow-up shots, but it's far more important to make the first shot count, the deer will be running away for your follow ups, so i think there is slight advantages to each, but they are pretty much equal in my eyes.

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Todays muzzle-loaders offer much greater down range accuracy than any shotgun/sluggun on the market. Some of the new smokepoles will hold tight groups at ranges of 250 yards plus. It's hard to find a shotgun that will hold a group past 150 yards. If you want extended range the muzzelloader is the best choice. When it comes to a good brush busting gun.I'd say for the first shot the two are quite even. After that, the shotgun is the obvious favor for a quick follow up. As for trajectory...there are hundreds, if not thousands, of combinations for powder/bullet combos that can be used in muzzle-loaders. Smaller rounds that use sabots are a good option and you can allways use more powder. The trajectory issues with shotgun loads are a different story, the choices of slug loads are limited.

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try shooting each one and tell me which one you can hold a tighter group with smooth barrel against a rifle and some states have a longer season for smoke poles late season is a great time to hunt after all the shot gunners are done we are still hunting and we have the woods all to our self's

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I have been hunting for 5 years and have been fortunate enough to get 7 deer and started out by using shotgun but last year moved to a T/C Encore and wished i would have done it much sooner.
For starters the range of the muzzleloader is twice the effective range of a shotgun( my brother recently shot a 10 pointer at 210 yards with his encore) the speed is also greater. I know you lose the follow up shots but the overall range and speed make up for it. Like mentioned earlier you do get the bonus of an extra season at least in Illiinois and thats were i am from so i dont know about where you are from though. Also the slug of a shotgun can have the tendecy to flip or cart-wheel while in flight and this can greatly affect the range and accuracy.

Overall the muzzleloaders bonuses are

Overall shotgun advantages
multiple shots and can
have more knock down power in some cases

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you're probably about right,but you may want to try a shotgun with a rifled barrel and rifled slugs(if you aren't already).i'm fairly certain that may give some improvements.for some inward reasoning,i believe that a .20 guage or .410 would prove more accurate at longer distances rifled w/rifled slugs than heavier guages.

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