"what is the proper care and storage of camping:?



Any Fishing tips?

First of all be sure to wash these items before storing them. For clothing and bedding, the ideal storage would be hanging in a closet. However, you may have limited space, so if you have to put them in a cabinet or box, put them in it loosely, inside where insects and moisture can't get to them, and where oxygen can. Another option is vacuum-sealed bags. These are bags that you can get at places like walmart, where you place clothes into them and use a vacuum or air pump in reverse to suck the air out and seal the bag. This will prevent moisture from getting to these things. With shoes, just make sure they are clean and store them in a dry place.

Has anyone heard of a company called bridge bolt/ they use to make parts 4 skateboards...?

in a suitcase or duffle bag

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