How do you field dress a deer?


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Send it to a butcher to field dress the deer for you, and you WILL regret it!

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If I was you, I would either have someone with expierence take you out or rent a video, there are several different ways to field dress a deer, someways are better than others, I do somethings differently depending on outside temps as well.
In order to explain it properly I would have to write a book.

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lots of ways. some check stations in some stateswont take a deer if the anus is intact. But start from and cut around it then from *** to sternum, carefull of the bladder, reach in and cut all the inside out as high up towrds the neck as possible. hope this helps. Best to check and see if you are mandated to do so for your local check station and if so get their criteria

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step by step. 1st drag your deer to an area that has a downward slope ( this will aid in gut removal all you have to do is roll the deer). I always start at the anus end. Carefully make an incision next to the anus making sure not to cut into the guts. Slide your knife upward toward the ribcage. Make sure your knife is SHARP.
Cut thru the center of the breast bone/ribs to the neck. I always cut the neck up to the lower jaw bone (unless im going to have it mounted then field dressing is different) the reason I cut to the jaw bone is so i can completely remove the esophagus because if not as the deer is left to hang to cure it can taint the meat.
The next step is to cut the skin around the anus opening. Then you will need to have a small axe to split the pelvic done and spread the rear legs.Next what youll need to do is carefully cut away the gut lining from the rib cage and back area. Then simply roll the deer over so the guts will simply fall out. you may have to assist this process by pulling on them. thats why I always have my deer on the high end of a slope so that gravity takes effect. Using a rib cage spreader or stick pry apart the chest cavity using the stick or spreader place between each rib cage to hold it open, this will aid in cooling the deer quicker. I also have 2 gallon jugs of water in my truck that I can use to wash out the inside of the cavity. I have found this method to be the fastest cleanest way to field dress any big game. at this point I always cut out the inner tenderloins so they wont dry out during the hanging process. I hope this gives you a better understanding of field dressing.

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The biggest mistake you can make is trying to cut the hide off with your knife. When you use a knife to slice the hide from the deer you inevitably violate these layers, making the whole job harder. Once the meat is cut into, you are no longer working with the natural division between meat and hide. You usually end up removing large chunks of meat, as well as putting cuts and holes in the hide. These cuts (also called scores) and holes open up and enlarge easily, increasing the amount of work at every stage of the tanning process. I found this here.

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quick FIELD dress start from the sternum that would be the V on the chest where the rib cage join together carefull slice open the deer all the way down to to the sex organs do not pentrate the piss sack reach inside then pull all the guts out after the guts are out reach up to the neck and cut the esophagus then the rest of the guts should come rolling out quick easy field dress all done then happy dragging hopefully you wont have to pull that big buck far

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just like a rabbit only larger

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