A very random question, DO NOT OPEN!!!?

ok who likes skateboardin!!!! ME ME ME ME ME ME, ok if u do or dont tell why and tell me ur thoughts on the movie, Lords of DogTown


Good Low Cost Airsoft Retailers?

Skateboarding is a very interesting skill, perhaps even a sport.

You would be a better representative of the sport if you chose to speak in proper English.

The real question is whether your interest in skateboarding is a cultural interest tied to fashion and being part of the "in" crowd, or if you have the passion to actually make a living out of it.

You don't get to be a Tony Hawk or Bam Majera by simply adopting the dress, look and language. You want to be them, you have to make the sacrifices they did and be willing to risk gainin nothing from it other than a lot of used boards, broken bones and scars.

Bungee jumping?

I don't like it because it very suck

When do crawdads(crawfish) become active?

Never seen the movie, never will. Skateboarding is fine with me, not that I like to do it.

Approximate value of a Remington model 600 rifle in .222 rem with Redfield scope, fair condition?

I'd rather watch them unload trucks at the Walmart.

A few years ago, there was a piece of equipment that combined biking and roller blading.?

Skateboarders are just frustrated surfers.

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