***skateboarders only***?

whats wrong with a black person skateboarding?


What's the best bait and tackle to use when fishing for compliments?

Absolutely nothing at all. Skateboarding has no racial, class, gender, or religious boundaries. Skateboarding is equality, it is a world free of prejudice.

Lure Selection?

the only thing wrong with it is that you have an uncomfortable concern for it.

What's the attraction in dogging?

nuthin as long as u like it dont worry bout wat other people think

I want to use braided line for fast trolling, 4-6 mph for stripers?

absolutely nothing. Shoot, there are black pros, so why's this even being asked?

Where to get a barrel for a Stevens/Savage/Springfield 12ga Model 77F?

uh nothing. LUPE FIASCO #1 hahaha!

Need info on a Browning 30-06?

nothing is wrong with blacks skateboarding I know quite a few of them.

Do you own a gun, if not, why? If yes, have you ever shot anyone?

absolutely nothing. some stereotypers say that blacks inline sk8. ive personally seen more whites at my skatepark than blacks gettin in my way with inline skates.have you ever heard of antwan dixon, or stevie williams?they are all extremely good profesional skateboarders. so as an answere to your question no there is nothing wrong with it.

I had an answer to another question about deer hunting and a guy mentioned jack lighting what is that?

there is nothing wrong with a black person skateboarding there is nothing wrong with what ever color you are as long as you have the love and the heart to skateboard.. but the skater are mostly white but it dose not make a difference..there is black people who are pro skateboarders

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