A cheap bb gun in canada?

Question:does anyone know where I can get a gas gun Pistol and rifle.
I can't find a cheap enough gas gun pistol (or rifle) anywhere can anyone help me?


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Canadian Tire, has a whole asortmant. I own a crossman backpacker. It is a multi pump long pistol or rifle( it has a removeable stock that is either pistol or pistol+sholder stock. ) the barrel atatches to a model 2240 crossman Co2 pistol and so does the stock after you take off the pistol grip that is on it. Both theese guns are .22 cal bolt action single shots.
the 2240 is arround $98 and the backpacker is a little more.
and have an average FPS of about 460+

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Look at Canadian tire or Wal-mart. They have a lot of bb guns there.

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