Airsoft gun question?

i just got my spring m16.I shot it for a couple o days and today i took 2 shots then...I pulled the ccoking lever and pilled the trigger.Nothing came out.I looked ofr a jammed bb but there was none.I checked the clip and there was stuil about 20 shots still in it. I tried and tried again but nothing worked.How can i fix this?



go get a new one. that happened to me and i just took it back to the stoor and exchanged it for a better one.

Can anyone please tell me the web address for willows(formally bowmans fishing lakes)near st albans in herts?

I have a feeling that that's a bad gun. You have to watch out when you buy an airsoft gun. When looking for a certain type, maybe about 75% of them will actually work. Maybe your next gun will work fine.

Good luck!

I want to buy a sensas keepnet - where?

i guess i can fix it but oyu must send some photos of it with the cover on and off to my email:

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