15 minute ar-15 trigger job?

Question:I have honed the trigger (smooth baby, like butter. used diamond paste) relieved the trigger spring and bent the hammer spring. Wouldn't fire military primers. Replaced the hammer spring and bent it just a little. It fires military primers most of the time. Has anyone had any luck bending the hammer spring?
1. Don't tell me it is dangerous to do trigger jobs I've done more than you have if you make that comment.
2. Don't tell me it is illegal
3. Don't tell me to get a drop in or send my gun to some place or get special springs from where ever just milspec springs
4. Don't put anything you don't know to be true
5. Don't tell me to get another gun, that guns are evil, or whatever other crap that isn't an answer to my question


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Bound's hubby here:

I have a Derek Martin trigger in my AR match rifle (I am not suggesting that you get one). The way he, and the Marine armorers that checked/adjusted my installation adjusted the trigger pull was to bend the "legs" of the trigger spring ever so slightly, not the hammer spring!

Good luck!

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You didn't mention if you were getting a good "dent" in your primers on the rounds that didn't fire. was it as deep as the dent on the commercial primed ammo? Some surplus ammo, even "modern"5.56nato can be subject to misfires, being as some of it may date back to the 1960's. Even "sealed primers can be corrupted over 30 to 40 years. If you are experiencing misfires from the same bulk container of ammo, you might ought to try a different batch, possibly from a different nation. if that isn't the case, check your firing pin protrusion. It may not be in-spec if you are experiencing problems with detonation using hard surplus primers. It can be off a few thousandths and look ok to the eyeball, but still gauge short. Do you have a spare pin on hand? Is it from the same manufacturer is the bolt/carrier assembly? - (This shouldn't matter with supposedly mil-spec parts, but sometimes it does.) Ar-15 is a great rifle. No problem is beyond repair.

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