410 rifles?

Is it true that you can kill a deer. My friends told me it would an I wanted to make sure befor I buy one.


Favorite gun?

Ok, on top of what everyone else has already said, you need to know your local hunting laws. In some areas it is ILLEGAL to hunt deer with a 410. You need to research the hunting laws in your area. As for its effectiveness: you have an approximately 110 grain 45cal. (about) slug, fired from a shotgun shell at 1,700 ft per second, with a muzzle energy of around 770 ft/pounds of energy.. more than enough to kill a deer if you hit the vital area. I'd still prefer a larger caliber just for the extra impact energy (my .20 ga. gives well over 2000 ft/pounds muzzle energy), but that's simply my preference.

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A 410 can kill a deer but it is very poorly designed to do so.

The Wright brothers first plane "could fly". But you would not want to bet your life on it.

And a 410 is a shotgun not a rifle.

Choose a weapon better suited for the task at hand. A 20 guage will perform very well when used on deer. I prefer a 12 gauge but either is fine.

Leave the 410 for small birds and squirrels

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Let's leave the small birds and squirrels alone, huh.
Get a rifle if you need the food, killing for sport is not right.

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a 410 slug is deadly but it would not be wise

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Yes, you can kill a deer with a .410 shotgun. But as you've read, some people don't think it's "enough" gun for the job. I'm not disagreeing and I'm not agreeing. It all comes down to what the hunter thinks is humane. I know some states actually require you to use shotguns for deer hunting and .410 is commonly used. In fact, Winchester here a few years ago made a lever-action shotgun chambered for .410 based off their 30/30 rifle catering to deer hunters. So at least enough people endorse the idea of .410s to make it feasible. I'd figure you'd definately want to use slugs if hunting with .410 gauge. Good luck.

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