410 rifles?

Is it true that you can kill a deer with a 4/10 rifle. My friends told me it would an I wanted to make sure befor I buy one.


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Yes, a .410 shotgun will kill a deer. A .410 slug from a 3" shell is pretty much the same as a .44magnum, and .44mag rifles are pretty popular. It's only good for close in shots, however. As a beginner, I'd suggest you stay away from it, however. The necessary range and perfect shot placement it will require to get a clean kill will be a bit beyond your skills. It's better if you go a bit overboard on size until you get more practice. A 20 gauge or even a 12 will be far better, but both will kick quite a bit with slugs.

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Do you mean a .410 shotgun? If so, I would think so.

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you can kill one with a 22 riffle if you hit it in the right spot

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.410 is a shotgun gauge, not a rifle. .410 is light for deer, even with rifled slugs.

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A .410 Shotgun slug is just a little smaller than a .44 Magnum but it packs a much bigger punch because there is more gunpowder pushing the bullet out of the barrel. It should do a nice job killing a deer if you hit it in the vital organs. I have taken two nice bucks with my .410 in the last five years without any trouble. Go for it but don't try anything over 50 yards as the bullet loses it's punch quickly because of the weight!

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The answer to your question is NO. You can not kill anything with a 4/10 Rifle...

That is like hitting something with an invisible stick!

On the other hand, You can kill a deer with a VISIBLE stick, (as long as it has a fuse coming out of one end...)

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.410 is actually a caliber, not a "gauge". And yes, you can take down a deer with a rifled .410 slug. I wouldn't use one, though.

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A .410 is a small shotgun not a rifle first of all. As far as will it kill a whitetail? YES, as long as you use proper ammo (slugs) and are at a close range 65yds. or less. Slugs are a single projectile. You need to check with your state fish and wildlife Dept. before hunting Deer with it. Some states have a minimum cal. rifle/shotgun law.

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Thompson Contender makes a .410/.45 Long Colt. Model
TC 45/410. It retails for $389.00 plus shipping. This gun would work fine for hunting.
Check it out at www.gunsamerica.com/guns/97678...

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