A good paintball barrel?

i have a diablo mongoose with a 12 inch stock barrel and was looking to upgrade. my budget is about 80 dollars.


How many weasels would I need to power a canoe?

If you areon a budget try a http://www.firstcallpaintball.com... They have everything.

Where can I target practice in the Lafayette Louisiana area?

J & J ceramic very accurate & cheap. I have one.

Where are the best places to fish in the Twin Cities north metro area?

ahh. invest your money in a muddin' truck

Has anyone here been lucky enough to have shot a kermode bear?

get one that has good "rifling" meaning there are grooves in the barrel that will help with accuracy. if you save another 20 dollars you can get one for about 90 dollars with money left over to include taxes

I have a stone mountain arms silver eagle 50 cal. I need a breechplug and a drum for it. Where can I find one?

80 bucks?! i got you covered. the lucky un1tec barrel. 2 piece and insanely accurate. check reviews about it anywhere and you won't find one person who doesn't like it. www.lucky-paintball.com or something like that.

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