Abbrevation of ris?



How much do 3 1/2 inch slugs for a 12 gauge cost? also a slug barrel for a model 535 moss. ?

RIS stands for Rail Interface System. It isn't specific to airsoft guns. Rather it's a military term.

The harrington&richardson revolver is model # 928 instead of 929 does that make it worth more or less?

Rail interface system. Also called a 3 rail or 4 rail handguard mount.
These are used to mount such accesories as lasers, tactical lights, front handgrips, and red-dot sights.
They consist of what are known as "mil-spec 1913 picatinny rails"
(similar to a weaver scope mounting rail) mounted at 12, 3, 6, and 9 o'clock positions around the axis of the barrel in place of the standard handguard. RIS systems are used on real guns as well as airsoft guns. Many of the M-4 type M16 rifles being used in Iraq and Afghanistan are equipped with such rail systems.

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