A few questions about airsoft mrkers?

i just bought a airsot marker or airsoft paintball gun and i was wondering if the paintball explode when shoot someone with them? What is the furthest range you can shoot and a paintball will still explode.


Ok here it goes i need to know how to trace a serial number on a gun. anyone know?

A paintball should explode at all ranges.

Does anyone know where I can find night vision goggles at a good price, online?

I do not know if it will explode or how far it can go, but all airsoft markers are different. Hardly any of them shoot the same distance, and since a 6mm paintball is heavier, it wont shoot as far as the bb's I believe. I would say the best bet is to just get a small pack of paintballs and try them out.

I have Bass Masters magazines dating back from 1969-1991. Hate to throw them away. What can I do with them?

don't care

Should I get an REI Zephyr bag?

Most of them wont shoot over 350fps unless you get the high dollar ones, paintball usually dont shoot right or expolde int he gun

Are 7.62X39mm bullets the same as .223?

paintballs usually explode in your guns barrel

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