1985 Mercruiser 140 chevy motor 4 cylinder?

We are getting fire to the coil but not from the coil, any suggestions? The boat has been sitting for three years. The coil has been replaced and new plugs. Will turn over but not start.


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If you mean there is spark coming from the coil wire but not the plug wires change the rotor and cap.Or at least give them a good cleaning.
If there is 12V to the coil but no spark look for a problem with the kill switch/
Buy the manual you will need it more and they are cheep on ebay.


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Just because a part is new does not mean that it is working properly. Take the distributor out and thoroughly clean it. Change the rotor and the cap. Did you flush the oil out and replace with fresh oil ? If not you must do that. Take the plugs out and squirt some light oil into the cylinders and let it set, then turn the engine over with the plugs out. Flush the cylinders out then with WD 40 and out the plugs back in. You should replace the wires while you are at it.

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change the distributor cap and rotor

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