Aggressive skating help!!?

Question:I have always been rollerblading and its been a huge hobby of mine but now I want to get into aggressive inline skating because it seems like so much fun.

1) What are some good skates to get for aggressive inline skating? I have seen Rollerblade and Razer but I'm not sure what to get.

2) Where can I get these skates? I want to get it in a store so I have a chance to try them on.

3) How should I begin my quest to become a good aggressive inline skater?

I live on the border of Long Island and New York City so if you can give me places where I can go to find skates that would be great and any help is appreciated.

Last thing which is totally unrelated: In what kind of a store can I get a black beanie with a visor? I can't seem to find them anywhere in stores.


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1) Rollerblade vs. Razors. Personally, I prefer Razors, but they are both great skates and good companies. It will all depend on what is most comfortable on your feet. The Rollerblades typically have a low cuff which cuts into my ankles. I prefer the soft ride Razors gives. Try them both on at the shop and see which feels better. Make sure to skate around a little and bend your ankles around to see what feels good.

2) There are several shops in NYC. Blades Board & Skate is one I've been to before. They carry several aggressive inline brands and have a couple of shops in New York. The one I visited was at Chelsea Piers by the skatepark there. Not sure if that's all still standing. Anyway, you should be able to at least try on skates there and possibly special order something they don't have in stock.

3) Skate! Get comfortable on them somewhere flat. Aggressive skates feel much different than recreational or hockey skates and some will force you to lean forward or backward depending on the set up. After you are comfortable, find somewhere to learn how to grind. Check out the Chelsea Piers skatepark or Riverside Park if either are still standing. Skateparks are a great place to learn so long as you are aware of your surroundings and stay out of people's way. You may also be able to get help from other rollerbladers there.

I've attached links below to the skate shops mentioned as well as a website I've started putting together as a resource with more info on the sport.

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heres some aggressive skate websites but iono the best skates spots are in ny srry im from cali,but you'll find some good skate spots everywhere you look any spot can be a skate spot obstacle u just gotta know where to look like ledges rails, skate at schools they have the best skate spots there,and who ever said aggressive skating is pusssy sport your wrong they fall the same as skateboarders do i've been skateboarding for 6 yrs now and now i'm too am thinking of aggressive skating again very soon,have fun skating dude peace

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