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Question:is it best to have a crew or just be solo?
and if i spray paint my grip tape on my skateboard will it affect the way i stay on the board?

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Most of us already skateboard solo but if you're thinking of going pro or getting sponcored get use to a crew because that's how it'll be. I like to be solo unless I go to the parks then it's with friends. It's more fun with more people, but sometimes I like to be by myself, to each their own.

Spray painting your grip tape is fine just don't coat it completly and it'll wear out quicker, and I know getting that colored grip tape sucks too it doesn't last as long. Good luck

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Solo is easier to get sponsored, but with a crew you can have people film you and have more fun, learned from expereince.

And spray paint should have no effect unless you put way too much on, so you should be fine. Once again experience.


i'm thinking solo with tendencies to join crew but only if they are serious about making each others tricks happen. but don't get stuck on filming detail, your eyes will get different. i don't think spray paint will matter but it may fool your eye when referencing it for a flippy trick.

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I am pretty sure if you spraypaint your grip tape it shouldn`t effect it unless it is super slick or whatever. My friend painted his griptape and it didn't make a difference And if you have a crew or not is probaly a opinion. I usally only skate with two or three guys so not to big and not to small

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