5.30-12 or 4.80-12, these are boat trailer tires, will either one work, I have the first on at present?

I currently have the 5.30-12 on the trailer, and they are 2 ply. I can't find them any where, all I see is 4 and 6 ply. The 2 ply is really more cost efficient for me.


I do not know much about inline skates and there speed. I understand the whole mm is wheel size.?

The tires are weight rated. DO NOT OVERLOAD YOUR TIRES!!!!! If you overload your tires Murphy's Law will raises its ugly head at the least opportune time for you. Follow the manufactures recommendations.
Good luck

How good are truglo red dot scopes?

look at the weight range on the smaller tires that should tell you what you need to know or call the manufacturer but spend the extra 20 bucks and get the factory specified size

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