Airsoft Gun Question?

I am getting my first electric airsoft rifle and i have no clue what the best ones are. All i know is that it has to by 50 or less dollars and it should be off a website. Are there anyones that have lasers light and red dots and r powerful ?


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there arent many unless you get a second hand look for something that is aeg its hard at first but you will get used to it very soon

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Sorry to say, but you will not find a good $50- gun decked out with lasers and red dot sights.Go to shorty USA and buy a regular rifle and upgrade slowly.

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Personally, the only airsoft firearm I own is an Colt 1911 which I was given by a friend.

While it doesn't compare to the real 1911 that I own, I enjoy practicing with it in my apartment and can't practice with the real 1911 in the apartment.

Since we occasionally issue this pistol to underage participants in WWII re-enactments, I painted it to appear to be an actual 1911.

When my apartment was broken into, I used this gun to force the junkie to surrender and held him until the police arrived.

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You could look at and look at there guns. I recommend getting a Middle Level Electric Airsoft Guns MPEG because they are good for distance and are cheap but may be a little more than 50$. You can also buy lazers, BBs, scopes, and others with it buy clicking on Airsoft Accessories, BB, & Apparel.

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