Air rifles?

anyone know where i can get a low priced air rifle with a scope in the Plymouth area?i know it's aboring question but i have tried everywhere,but quality is cr*p.


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There are lots of online websites. Try They might have to ship it to a local sporting goods dealer for you to receive it, but it won't cost much at all. Um, And then there is, not positive the site name exactly. Just google "beeman + air rifle + website". The Beemans sold their business, but the new owners are still selling Beeman rifles that are beyond belief. Quality is not crap. Most air gunners put the Beeman rifles on a pedastool. They're renowned for the most power and accuracy. Their crow magnum shoots up to 32 ft/lb. But they have plenty that are under the minimum of what your local laws require. I believe local law would be around the 12 ft/lb, but google that, too>>. If you have any questions about air rifles, barrels, pellets to get for a particular air rifle, or anything else, be sure to email me. I'm a southerner from the United States, and I can assure you that the south trains the best riflemen, outdoorsmen, and snipers in the world(along with UK). We train the Special Forces Green Berets here in Alabama where I live, and the U.S. Marines Train in South Carolina/border area. I better stop now, as I am answering more than I need. But I hope that all this information was reliable and that you have been satisfied. Go ahead and email me. I'll promise not to email you back this long an email(unless you're asking for it, lol).
God Bless

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You need a licence to buy one now!

It's an offence for a shop to sell you one!

UNLESS - it is not self contained - i.e. powered by a gas cartridge!

Check at your local police station coz some on here will tell you otherwise!

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Try putting a small ad in your local rag

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wall mart or a local sporting goods store

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Blue man has the right idea. There are some really good ones out there that do a great job. The best bet is at a gun shop or better yet go to a firearms show. You just need to be exposed to a wider selection and you're not really going to find that at the local Wal-Mart.

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WH Smiths or John Menzies or any good news agents sell air rifle mags where you can purchase one there is also sites on the internet which still sell them

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walmart if you are a convicted felon forget it

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WALLMART lol, I can just imagin walking into asda over hear and asking for an air rifle.
I can not belive that you dont have any firearms dealers down there, any shop that stocks rifles/shotguns generaly stock air rifls too, Alternatley go to wh smiths like some1 has already suggested and go through there shooting magazines,, sporting gun often has some good air rifles in.

And for the jokers that think there illigal keep thinking that.
12 ftlbs is the legal limit on any air weapon, Any thing over that then you must accuier a firearms certificate, so its easy, keep it under 12.
Any one who is propperd to accuier a FAC then i would suggest forgeting about the air rifle and go for a rimfire.

When i say accuier an FAC i should say are propperd to go through the rigma of the granting prosses with your local constabulary

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yes i believe that if it is under 12 pounds of pressure, then it is not considered a firearm, and does not need to be lisenced or any of thet. im not sure on uk's laws though, i am from the states. i have heard you guys have really strict laws over there as far as guns.

i personally own a gamo air rifle that i bought online from it is great, very quiet, and perfect for squirls or birds. the quality could be better though, it had rust on it when i got it, and when i emailed gamo, they never replied. my brother has a webly scott, it is very nice, but a little more pricy.

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best thing to do is buy the airgun world magazine, you will find what you are looking for in their, available by post. or you can find airgun shops in your area.cheers

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ive got an air rifle you can buy, i want around £35 for it mate. its in top condition, less than 6 months old, and only fired 550, always looked after well.

give me a shout if your interested, somebody told me you were, here's my own e-mail address

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