Airsoft BB's Help?

Question:okay so i just got a UTG warhawlk AK-47 for my birthday and this is my first AEG and on the box it says use KSC .2 or .20 gram BB's what is the differance also does it have to be KSC? please help

-thank you


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This is just a geuss but I would say No you do not need to use only KSC unless it says ONLY USE KSC .2gr.BB's 0.2 and 0.20,and .2/.20 all mean the same thing( so would 0.2000000 for that matter).
If it how ever says"for best resaults" or "something to the efect of "preformance/resaults may vary with other brands.
the use of KSC sounds an awfull lot like a buisness addvertisement(promoting their own products). I would hazord to geuss that what ever brand of 6mm Plastic Airsoft BB as long as the weight of the BB is 0.2 or 0.20grams(gr.) it will work fine.

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It pretty much means use high grade BB's that are .2 or .20 which is the exact same size shown in different forms. Just don't use "cheap" dollar store BB's or Japenese BB's. (Those are the "cheap" considered BB's and jam eaisly. I would perfer ordering offline or going to your local walmart/target and asking for assiastance. Places like that have people that most likely know what your talking about.

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.2 and .20 are the same thing.
I hear that KSC is good but killer beez
and TSD tactical BBs are as good if not better.
You can go to for
killer beez BBs. If you get the killer beez make sure
They are precision grade.

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