Airsoft gun magazine?

can u get a type of magazine that doesnt make noise when u shake it? cause i have a high cap mag and it makes noise when ever u move it and it sort of messes up ur position whenever u wanna sneak up on some1 or sumthing


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Unless you have actually had such problems in an airsoft skirmish, or wish to partake in Mil-Sim style games, stick with a high-cap. I'm quite a player of night games myself, and when the light dies, hearing tends to be the second best sense to use. With that in mind it may sound foolish to use a high-cap when "sneaking", but I feel the superior firepower they provide outweighs the cons.

If you really are out to sneak, you certainly won't need to shoot until the right moment: under these circumstances packing your high-cap with as many BBs as is possible will reduce rattle to nothing. The only way that mag will be rattling, is if you fire enough shots from it. And if you have a reason to be firing shots, your mag rattling a little is the least of your worries!

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Buy low caps or mid caps, pretty much all online airsoft retailors carry them.

Insted of the regular hi-cap where you just poor the BB's in, you push the Bb's into a spring loaded mechanism. Kind of like a pistol mag, but they generaly hold more.

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