A simple substance to keep ducks and geese off a dock?

Ducks are making a mess on the end of my boat dock by sitting there and messing. Is there a safe substance that will keep them off but not harm my dock or people who might step there.


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try using some bird netting along the outside of the dock. Excpt for where you need to get through.

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1 good dog will solve the problem

Jon-boat ideas?

lysol sprayed on bread

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a bb gun and a lack of game wardens.

For the experienced reloaders.?

dynamite to blow the dock!

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guns, acid, fire...etc.

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shot gun with shells that have rubber balls in them they wont come back it works on bears

How long does electroshock fishing actually shock the fish?

This is for turf:

But it may work on your dock.

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Ducks and geese are creatures of habit. There is a guy around here that gets paid big buck to change that habit. He uses model cars and boats dressed up in a fox skin to constantly chase them around until they stop coming back. Once they have changed the normal places they come back to your problem should be over until the new batch of ducks or geese decide they like your dock. Good Luck. Canadian geese are protected so I wouldn't shoot them.

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