A gunsmith develops a machine gun.?

The gun fires one round every minute. On testing the new gun, 12 rounds are fired in 12 minutes. Nobody is interested in buying the gun! Why?


Does anyone know of any running clubs in Dorset?

wild guess here but if the gun fires 12 rounds it should take 11 min's to shoot. the first shot should be a 0seconds the 2nd @1min and so one.

Is It...?

Because it is the worlds slowest firing machine gun. Da*n that gun must suck.

Wanted to know what the best bait for carp fishing is?

Its too Big or its expensive

Where can i find red core or bloodline 7" fishing worms?

That would work keeping geese out of rice fields. That is, until they got used to the noise.

How do trawlers find fish?

That has to be the worlds slowest
I can get off all 20 rounds from my
mini 14 in less than a minute, and it's
a semi auto.

Okuma Epixor Fishing Reel?

He only held the trigger for 2 minutes. He walked down to check his shots and got a buttock with a hole in it. They won't let me say *

Whats better for woodsball tippmann a5 or mr2, mr3?

What would you use it for? An attacking hoard of turtles?

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