1957 winchester lever action 30.06?

I am trying to find out information on this type of gun. Can anyone help me?


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Actually (sorry bound) Winchester made a Model 70 (bolt-action)Featherweight in .30-06 starting in 1955. I just read in Petersen's Hunting Mag website that Winchester made the early lever actions in .30-06. This is from the site: "One of the first recorded sporting uses of the Springfield rifle and .30-06 cartridge occurred during President Theodore Roosevelt's celebrated nine-month African safari in 1909. T.R. was ecstatic with both the Springfield and the cartridge, but it was some years before the Springfield action was available to the public in significant numbers.
The first sporting rifle chambered to .30-06 was probably the Winchester 1895 lever action, rather than a bolt gun. It was chambered first to .30-03, and then to .30-06 in about 1908".
Go to the website, www.huntingmag.com click guns & loads and then to .30-06 for the history.

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sweet pea all the info. I am going to give you is that this gun is too dangerou for you ,you need too start out with a pea shooter , then progress up . ok

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ther library carries the guide to firearms and prices there and the weapon is a good one for game and for collectors so heres a way to get the price for free go on E-Bay and type it in and search and get the last bid for one in that age range but check the library also and maybe write the winchester folkes and or e-mail them for the info they buy rare models back also

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Do you have this gun? Look to see if there a Model Number.
This sounds like a Model 95, but, they were made from 1895 to 1940.
Did you write the correct Caliber?
Below a link may help.

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Bound's hubby here:

Your 1957 Winchester is most likely a Model 94 in .30 WCF (.30-30 Winchester), NOT .30-06. Only one model of Winchester was made in .30-06, and that was the Browning manufactured replica of the Model 1895!

Check on the left side of the barrel, and your rifle should be marked either .30-30 or .30 WCF, which IS a .30-30.

Good luck!

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