Air guns for sale in uk?


Apart from crickets and live worms what other baits have you used to catch Bream, Bass and Croppy?

I bought one from these people, the service was very good. It was a Weihrauch HW80 with carbine barrel and I have to say it's faultless.

How do you fish a fast flowing river?


Any opinions about what type of laser rangefinder I should buy?

Or your local gunsmith will have a reasonable stock.

Custom ruger # 1 in 600 nitro where to find or have made?

I'm in the US,but, I think will ship them to the uk

Marksman gun question?

GUNS are for sale everywhere in the world you just have to know where to buy them!! ._._

Which is a better round .40 S&W or .45 ACP?

This is the best place i've found

spent a fortune there :)

Fishing weird?

If you're in the U.K. ask these guys.

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