2 day hikes in the Midwestern US?

Question:I'm a fan of hiking and camping, but my girlfriend is not. I was wondering if anyone knew of a good, easy, scenic 2 day loop trail. My hope is that we can start around 7 am, hike in, get to a good stopping point around 5 or 6pm, stay the night, leave at 7am the next day, and finish the loop by late afternoon.

I think this would be a good way to introduce her to overnight trails without her getting in over her head.

I live in Evansville, IN and was hoping for a trail within 150 miles of E-ville.


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Giant City State Park over in southern IL (Makanda) has a good loop for an overnight. The Red Cedar Hiking Trail. It's about 12 miles. Primitve site at mile 6. No potable water tho. And get a permit at the visitor's center.
Can start at the park campground and get sorted out. Then take off in the morning so you have plenty of time to enjoy the walk.
Has a nice lodge to if you want to cap it off with a soft bed and a delicious meal. Lots of good day trip trails also.

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Mammoth Cave National Park, Kentucky is about 125 miles south east of Evansville, IN and has several wilderness trails of various lengths that could be combined into a 2 day loop. http://www.nps.gov/maca/planyourvisit/tr... as well as backcountry camping in several designated sites http://www.nps.gov/maca/planyourvisit/ba... along with some nice caves. Here's a map of all the trails with the backcountry sites marked with black dots and named. http://www.nps.gov/maca/planyourvisit/up...

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