2nd try... What do I need for a private parachute jump in England?

In aid of charity... and a damn good time =P I want to get people to sponsor me to skydive to next year’s prom (which is incidently in a country hotel surouneded by fields and a massive gold course) and land in the hotel grounds by parachute... I am about to book the training course, and have a plane chartered, but I am unsure if I need to ask for a license or if I have to have insurance to comply with English law. Or most importantly where to hire a parachute =P anyone out there have any ideas?


How do you use a bait pin when fishing with shrimp?

Sorry but you will not be permitted to do this unless you are "display" qualified.

It is way too dangerous for an in experienced jumper to jump into such an arena (you also need insurance). If the pilot lets you jump without the experience and demo rating he could get in deep doodoo. I have seen students up trees, onto roofs and injured on fences even in wide open DZs

Parachuting is not simply jumping out of a plane ... can you spot for the landing? What about wind conditions? Contingency planning?

Sorry to burst the bubble but not really a practical proposition ... go to a DZ and try it out and you will see what I mean.

Have fun but leave demo's to the professionals. Drop me a note if you need any other info.

Blue skies =8-)

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