Airsoft gun aiming does not work?

i just bought an airsoft gun called a "Stinger R36", i try to aim with both the crosshair and the manual aimer, neither shoot right. Is there something to line it up with? It always shoots to high or to the side for some reason!


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I have the same gun and the easiest thing to do is to compensate by aiming low, or in the opposite direction that it wants to shoot so the shot hits the target

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Your gun is just inaccurate. You probably
need to compensate when you are aiming.
If the sites are adjustable you may be able to
line them up so that they compensate for you .

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how much was the gun? lemme guess about 30-80 depending on where you got it? i've seen the gun before. you've purchased what's known in the game as an LPEG, some of us call em lemons, and the people with them are cannon fodder. it's a piece of crap gun. that's why it's not accurate. the cheapest gun i've ever seen that's even remotely accurate past 30 feet is the UTG AK 47 that runs about 100 dollars. anything more accurate will be more money. the only truly accurate airsoft rifles are the big 600 dollar gas snipers. nothin's wrong with your gun it's just crap..

also , it's not just the gun. you're firing a ball, not the most aerodynamic projectile, and it's not spun counter clockwise like a bullet to make it fly straight, it spins backwards which wil make it rise, no airsoft gun is truly accurate.

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spring or c02 if spring then its never accurate c02 iono but i have something called a sig saucer p230 and i use plastic bbs and they always miss they're target

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How much was your gun and where did you buy it? Or it could of been that you had to use some other size or type of BB

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