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Does anyone know of anyone our team can contact for a Paintball sponsorship? Our team is the best in our local Clayton, NC area and weve been attending tournaments. Please list any information you may have about us finding a good sponsor for support. Email us at darkcidepaintballteam@yahoo.co... if you wish to keep in touch. Thank You.. WE NEED A SPONSOR!!!


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First of all, if your team is the best in North Carolina, then you surely will be able to get a sponsorship from your local field. That is only if you really are the best. If you were then you would be somewhat known around the area and the owner of the field would naturally want to get his name out to people who take notice to you and your team. I know you want to hear about how to go big time sponsors, like Dye JT or anythinge else, but those kind of sponsors look for more then just the BEST team. You need to be well-rounded in all aspects and you most importantly need to be MARKETABLE. Understand what I'm talkin about? Ask your local field owner how often talent scouts come to the field and be sure to go those days. If you really are the hotshots that you say you are, and you are a respectable and friendly marketable team, they might take notice. Just remember they are going to want to sponsor someone they can forsee making it bigger. If your team is good enough for NPPL and the likes speak with the local scouts directly, until then just keep on getting better at all aspects of the sport. You can email me for more info. Good Luck buddy

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talk to some buisnesses around the place, remember sponsers dont always have to be paintball fields or dealers, try a small buisness it works the same way.

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