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Question:I have a limited knowledge of the reactivity of bullets, and I need a little information in regards to hollowpoint bullets. The question is: would a jacketed hollowpoint bullet, 9mm, 185-gr. fired at a range of 30 yards (or 30 meters) "mushroom" upon impact with human flesh, such as skin, fatty tissue, and muscle, or would it need to strike bone in order to deform the slug?

Any help is truly appreciated.


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Bound's hubby here:

First, the heaviest 9mm pistol bullet on the market, to my recollection, is 147 grains. Loading such a heavy bullet in a 9mm case would be dangerous since generating sufficient velocity would probably create an over-pressure cartridge.

In theory, a hollow point will open up or mushroom when it contacts flesh. However, this is not always the case because of the alloys and how the bullet may be constructed. Back at the time of the infamous FBI/Miami shoot out Winchester had put out a lot of silver tip ammo that did not expand and functioned as full metal jacketed ammo.

Typically, the lighter bullet (115 or 124 grain) loads at higher velocities have proven more effective in the 9mm.

Good luck.

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check out this link:


They test all sorts of ammo against different mediums to see what happens. But to answer your question, a good quality jacketed hollowpoint bullet will begin to expand upon contact with soft tissue. If it is large and heavy enough, and still moving with good velocity, more than likely it will shatter most bones that get in it's way.

Check out the Box O' Truth, though, they got cool stuff.

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It opens in flesh. You should look up the manufacturer to find out the yaw of the rounds you are using. (Yaw is how big of a hole made by the bullet.)

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If in doubt use a 9mm +p 115 grain by corbon...Federal 124 grain Hydrashoks would be my second choice. You can't go wrong with these two

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I also believe that the heavies bullet made for the 9MM is 147 grains. Hollowpoints of modern design will expand in soft tissue at a fairly wide range of velocities. In the past only high velocity rounds would expand in soft tissue reliably. However over the past 15 to 20 years, bullet construction has advanced considerably and so longs as the bullet doesn't have to defeat things like walls, windshield glass or even layers of heavy clothing, they will almost always expand at reasonable velocities.

I will say that this applies to premium ammunition only as many ammo makers still have cheaper hollowpoint ammunition that is not as reliable as far as expansion goes.

At a range of 30 meters so long as there is nothing like heavy clothing or a leather jacket to penetrate I would expect any of the premium 9MM to expand. Most would be in the 115 or 124 grain class. Federal Hydra-Shok, Speer Gold Dot, Remington Sabre, or Winchester STX would all fall into this class.

Let us know how the book comes out!

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