1911 45cal on Mountain Lion?

I guess Bears are less likely to attack me but there's a lot of Mountain Lion attacks in California.


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Bound's hubby here:

In a pinch, if it is all you have, it's better than nothing. As a defensive round against dangerous game the .45 ACP round would be considered, in my opinion, marginal. I would not use .45 hardball, though. For maximum shock value, I would lean toward either a semi-wadcutter design or a good jacketed hollow point such as Speer's 200 grain JHP known as the "flying ashtray". Remember, on any type of animal, especially dangerous game, for your rounds to be effective you must plant them in the forward third of the animal's body since this is where it lives.

Since mountain lions are hunters they will not give their prey and even break. Generally, they will pounce on their prey from the rear with little warning.

Good luck.

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it has plenty of stopping power on a man but on a cat, I don't know. I think I'd prefer a .357 or .44 magnum. Or a shotgun with 00.

To cincinatti, I believe that the 1911 .45 pistol can only shoot fully brass jacketed ammo.

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Loaded with some 185 grain hollow points, why not? Better than throwing rocks, Most mountain lion hunters use 22s

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How about a can of pepper spray for bears? Are you really going to shoot a writhing mountain lion attached to your spouse's face? But there are so few mountain lion attacks in CA that I wouldn't even bother thinking about it much. You're more likely to be struck by lightning, bitten by a rattlesnake, break your ankle, fall off a cliff, drown, crash in a helicopter, slip in the shower, etc.

Yo Jeepman1- did you know that they DO make .50BMG silencers?

Bound and Schnurr both have good points.
The .45ACP will prove capable in a situation where you would have to use it, which would be extremely close. Definitely go for the heaviest, fastest, hollow points on the market for mountain lion, unlike bear they do not have the thick layers of fat, fur and bone to penetrate. And if you are attacked you would likely never know until the cougar was on top of you.
So while a 10mm, .357 Mag, or .44 Mag would definitely be more effective, the difference and the situation wont make it worth buying a different firearm just for this. Although its always good to have an excuse to pick up a new gun.

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As you know, it's not alway's `what you have', but how you use it !
Any handgun from a .357on up will kill almost anything in North America if the shot is placed right. {I wouldn't try it on Grizzly's]
If you can shoot that .45, sure no problem.

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Heck you could fight one off with any thing.Travel in groups more than two.

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It should be enough since the .45 ACP round was designed to be a man stopper.

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