"Catchin' any?" is a common thing for fisherman to ask each other. So why'd you get my question deleted?

Question:I'm leaving this site to the spineless cry-babies who dominate it.

This isn't fun any more.

Are people nowadays really too stupid to know what "Cathin' any?" means under the "fishing" category? How much gray matter does it take to deduce that?


Fishing in alaska for a deck hand. make alot of money?

Who knows what goes through peoples minds sometimes. If you let them get to you and leave they win you lose. I caught a 3 lb bass this past week-end.

Where can i find a refill kit for my pure energy co2 tank that i can hook up to my compressor within good $$$?

haha, thats pretty funny, I got into a mess of bream last week

I have a Ranger .22 long rifle, I have no info on it, was Grandfathers passed down to me by my Father.?

I feel a koolbreeze on your leaving! :-)

Hi there I am looking for a handcycle or bolt on to a wheelchair(any shape) dont have alot of money?

Might have been a mix up, not sure what happened, i'm sur eit wasn't purposely.

Do you have more fun in winter or in summer?

ummm....... ok

Walleye fishing on lake erie?

some people just lacking sense of humor...

Does it matter what kind of ammo I use at the practice range with my pistol?

wow. dont leave though. its pointless people do stupid stuff. but sports1234.com in cool.

What is a ruger p89 dc worth in excellant condition?

Exactly.. people are so retartedd.

Your cool =)

When walking my feet/shoes leave footprints...does this happen with you?

i agree with you people on here are so stupid!

U like to hunt or fish ?

Many people don't read categories and many people don't even look at what category they put a question into.

What do I need besides a motor to get my hull on the water...a 1979 Cajun Bass Fishing Boat?


What are the top 100 sports in the world?

Not much. Are you sure there wasn't anything else involved?

Where can i find fishing information about my area?

I know what you mean, and yeah, I caught an 8 inch rainbow today

What happens when you shoot a gun with a finger in the barrel?

word dawg.

Does size matter for deer?

caught a 5 gal bucket full of bass some small and some large

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