*skaterboarders only*?

why do some people like to harass,tease,or mess with skateboarders?


Where can I buy a semi-auto .50 cal rifle?

Don't pay attention to those people, they're just jealous because you're better than they are by being able to skateboard. When I first started out I lived in a small rural town and was the ONLY skateboarder. Basically these type of people don't just do it to skateboarders they do it to everyone. In my 16 years of skateboarding i've seen it all, I've been arrested for skateboarding an empty parking lot which was bullsh*t but people will make up anything to get you into trouble because they hate what you do. Keep skateboarding, I know i'll never quit.

What's the best camping tent that will keep the rain out?

probably because you can't skate very well. People only talk * to people who shouldn't do it anymore so I would just give up and die (or at least lose the use of your legs so people don't have to watch you skate anymore.)

What website has the cheapest sog seal pup with sheath?

ignore this loser
this is an example of a person who like to harass,tease,and mess with skateboarders, i bet he can't even skate. you SUCK

keep skateboarding rookie_sensation

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